Saturday, July 20, 2013

In Stone Blog Tour Guest Post

Today I have author Louise D. Gornall on the blog for the last day of her In Stone blog tour. Find out all about her book (and enter the giveaway) at my post here. Welcome Louise!

Guest Post

by Louise D. Gornall, author of In Stone

Hey guys. So this is the last stop on my blog tour *sob*. Thank you so much Tiffany for having me over today.

I wanted to have a chat with you all about writing friends….

When I first started writing I didn’t have any writer friends, and my reader friends were few and far between. Happily I’m an internet fan and decided to join Twitter when I saw some folks chatting about it on my Facebook feed. Truth: I joined Twitter to stalk celebrities, not track down a writing community. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an online writing community. Anyways, in my Twitter bio I happened to mention that I liked writing and books. After a quick One Direction stalking session, I signed out and didn’t think twice about the Twitterverse until my phone sent me an ‘Interaction alert’.  I had a follower, who liked books and who tweeted about books! And then that follower turned into two more who didn’t just like books, they liked writing too.

A couple of weeks later and I was following a few hundred bookish-writer-type folks and they were following me back. I got chatting to all these people about beta reading, query letters and word counts. I learnt about genres, agents and book blogs. I had no idea this info was so readily available, and people, writer people, were so ready to hand it out -- for free! You guys have to keep in mind that I skipped into this author idea, twisting a pigtail round my finger and chewing on my bottom lip. I had no idea, just had some words written on my computer and a JK Rowling delusion bouncing around inside my head.

As well as a hubbub of advice, Twitter is home to some of the most supportive people I’ve ever “met”. In the acknowledgments section of In Stone I wanted to list all the friends that had critiqued my book, talked me off a ledge at one time or another, or retweeted an In Stone promotional tweet, but there just wasn’t enough room to name everyone individually.

I’ll never forget coming across a quote that said writing is a solitary profession. I think I actually laughed out loud. If you make the decision to take the publishing journey alone obviously that’s up to you, but there’s no way I could have done this without friends. Writer friends understand what it feels like to have strangers ask things like Have you written anything that I might have heard of? Or Writing; it’s not really work, it’s more of a hobby. How lovely that you get to sit around being a writer all day. Writer friends understand how soul destroying it is to put your work out there and have it rejected over and over again. They understand how painfully slow this process is and why you can’t stop crying when you can’t fix a sentence. Above all things writer/bookish friends cheer for you regardless. So this post is for my social media friends, as I couldn’t extend my thanks in the back of the book without tripling its size, but I felt that I needed to because, sincerely, In Stone wouldn’t have been possible without them. 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope Louise has inspired you to get out there and form some writerly connections of your own!



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