About Me

Where to begin?  It's hard to sum up anyone on a single webpage!  I'm Tiff.  The handsome man in the photo with me is my husband Chris.  I am a new(ish) mom and a lifelong writer.  By day, I do the mommy thing, work when I can, and stalk the world of publishing, and by night, I write and edit and write some more, with some photography sprinkled in here and there. I love anything artsy, including music and movies and crocheting, and play the piano semi-well.  But most of all, I love writing young adult novels.

I don't remember deciding to be a writer.  It was so ingrained in me that I don't feel like it was ever a choice.  I wrote my first story when I was in first grade and sent it off to the elementary school "publisher."  I still have the original cardboard-and-contact-paper copy of Funny Little Brian--my first taste of the publishing world.  When I was eleven I wrote my first novel in a week, and even though I'm convinced it's the worst novel of all time, I kept it as well.

Now, I try to write or edit every night. I thought that when I got older I'd outgrow young adult fiction, but it hasn't happened yet, and I doubt now that it ever will.  I write some "grown-up" stuff from time to time, mostly just horror short stories and freelance work.  But young adult novels are where my passion lies, and what I spend 99% of my writing time on.  And recently I got an agent (the lovely Annie Bomke of Annie Bomke Literary Agency, so that I can hopefully get a book (or two or ten) on the shelves!

Welcome to Fictiffous, nice to meet you.  :)

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