Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Conference Bound...

Finally the time is here! Tomorrow I leave for the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators regional conference in Austin. It's my first conference, so I'm excited, and nervous, and ecstatic, and terrified, and the list goes on...

I didn't make my editing deadline for the conference on the last book I wrote. Surprise surprise. I'm almost thinking I need to leave that project behind for a bit and focus on a new one. Every time I write something new, I think what I wrote even as near as the previous day is total crap.

That manuscript feels like total crap to me now. So maybe it's time to start over.

Sigh. It's okay. This weekend I'll meet one of my top agent choices, and who knows? Maybe she'll see potential in me. The many books I've yet to write which won't be total crap. I hope.

Fingers crossed. Wish me luck!


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