Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fictitious Food in "Fictitious Dishes"

Ever wondered what dinner with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo would look like? Or how Alice's Wonderland tabletop really looks? Photographer and former editor Dinah Fried set out to answer these questions with her series of photographs depicting the fictional meals of some of literature's most beloved characters. Take a peek at her work at Fictitious Dishes.

The images struck me because some writers simply leave out food altogether, as if it's completely irrelevant to the story, instead of one of the most important aspects of human living. Sure, food's not all that fascinating in writing, but a touch of it here and there makes our characters more real. More human.

Take The Twilight Saga's Bella Swan for example. Despite all the talk of her being a vegetarian, she doesn't seem to eat much throughout the series. I bet a lot of Twihards would like to see her step out of her book character shoes and into her human ones at some point by chowing down on a pint of Ben n' Jerry's (like the rest of us) while she's pining over her lost loves.

Just a little food for thought.

What other meals would you like to see depicted?


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