Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Most businesses struggle to find footing in the early years, a lot because they don't know who they are at first or who they're meant to serve. Not the issue here. My business boomed so quickly that I (blessedly) didn't even have time to think about who I was or wasn't, something I feel so lucky to have experienced! And my clients have all been the right ones so far. 

All along I've bounced between two names, but that ends here. No more TJ Writeography (may you RIP). I'm dropping the photography aspects of the business and focusing solely on editing and writing, my two passions, under the single brand of Fictiffous, which was the blog I ran for a few years and had already tied to the business. Now I can focus on what I love best and build deeper relationships with my clients, all while reaching out to new ones.

Welcome to the new(ish) face of, well, my old face: Fictiffous!


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