Thursday, April 26, 2012

King's Killer Crop

For some reason I've been on a horror kick in picking my audiobooks recently. Maybe I'm just missing The Walking Dead and American Horror Story since their seasons ended. At any rate, for my next line-up I've recruited World War Z by Max Brooks (ghoulish in a good way, so far), and some classic Stephen King. After all, what's a horror-thon without some Stephen King in the mix? He's pretty much required reading in the genre. The hardest part is picking what to read out of his ever-expanding list of books and short story collections. That's where the checklist below can help out...

The Complete Works: Ranking All 62 Stephen King Books by Gilbert Cruz for

Spoiler alert: topping the list is The Stand, and I can't say I agree with the choice. Personally I'd go with Carrie, the story that put Stephen King on the map. But this is a great place to start.

What's your favorite horror story? And does it come in audio? :)



  1. I don't read a lot of horror honestly, so my pool of recs is more a puddle, but if you're going Stephen King, NEEDFUL THINGS scared me so much I couldn't finish, and ROSE MADDER was hard-core scary/trippy. I'm trying to remember what I've read outside King . . . and coming up empty-headed. If I remember, I'll email you!