Monday, October 15, 2012

And I'm Back!

So I've been absent again. But there's a really good reason this time. Remember how I rushed through the end of my novel early in the summer and tracked my daily word count? I did that because I'd just found out I was pregnant, and I knew the morning sickness would kick in around 6 weeks, which would hit a couple days after the end date for my writing goal. As expected, the sickness (which is really all-day, "morning sickness" is really a misnomer) hit right on time. Which means I didn't have the energy to write pretty much all summer, even on the blog.

But now I'm back! I'm about to be 21 weeks pregnant (with a little girl named Charlotte Blain) and am now staying home full-time, so I am officially a fulltime freelance writer and photographer. I've been letting my book sit all summer on purpose, so that I can return to it fresh, ready to edit it for submission this fall. Which I'm starting on Wednesday (yay!) with a dedicated, all-day read-through. By the end of this month, my goal is to have submitted it to 10 agents. That's a tall order, considering I also have to prep 10 separate query letters and 2 different types of synopses, on top of having the manuscript in a submission-ready state, but now I have more time to make it happen. If I could write 1500+ words/day while holding a full-time job, surely I can do it as a stay-at-home mom! Well, as long as my darling toddler son cooperates, that is. :)

My plan is to write here weekly, giving updates on my progress, as well as what will hopefully be interesting fiction-related tidbits. At least until around February 26, when I'll likely disappear for a while again while I get used to having a newborn addition to the family.

Thanks for everyone's support along the way, I look forward to getting back on track!


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