Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Moment for Non-Fictiffous

Well it's been quite the week. My toddler son was sick last week and got a trip to the pediatrician, only to find out it was a cold and nothing could be done. He bounced back within days. But of course I picked it up right after, and have been sick ever since. Earlier this week it blossomed into a double ear infection, and then yesterday--just for good measure--double pink eye and a migraine. I've been to the Minute Clinic twice this week and am on 2 different antibiotics, and as I write this, the hubs is paying yet another visit to our new best friend for his own blooming case of pink eye and cold. Meanwhile, the toddler remains healthy as a horse. I'd say I'm not jealous, but...let's be honest. I am. (But please stay well, and let the cycle end with us!)

After all the good news we've had recently, I guess we were bound for a taste of bad luck. It could definitely be far worse. We have a baby girl to complete our perfect family of 5 (7 including the dogs), due in just 9 days. She's so healthy that her size is nearly off the charts--and she should arrive just in time for me to (hopefully) fit into the bridesmaid dress for the destination wedding of one of my best friends (an event I've looked forward to for over a year). I have a book agent and new gigs as Editorial Assistant at Compose Literary Journal and reviewer at My son is a healthy and handsome little genius who will blow away his preschoolmates this fall. My husband is a healthy (well, usually) and handsome big genius who I grow more and more thankful for each day. Everyone who matters most to me is alive and well. What could be better than that?

Even though my throat burns, my head throbs, I still can't hear out of one ear, and my eyes look like a gradeschooler's...I've never been happier than I am right now. Things were going too well, and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop--but if this (and the "broken rib") is the other shoe, then I'll take it with a grin. If baby girl can just hold off on arriving for a few days, her daddy and I should be well enough to welcome her without wearing face masks. And that will be perfect indeed.

If my life were a story, this would all be the conflict that would make the pages worth turning. How do you deliver a giant baby when you're told you have a broken rib? How do you deliver a healthy baby when you have a cold/ear infection/pink eye/migraine cocktail? How do you get a book published, much less write your next book, with a toddler and preggie-brain and illness and (eventually) a newborn draining all your brain power? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes it's better. No matter the conflict in this story--MY story--as long as it ends in a healthy baby girl, I'll be happy.

If I disappear from the blog for a while after this post, keep your fingers crossed that it's because I'm in a creative coma, sneaking naps after an exhausting night with the baby, and not because I've permanently moved into the Minute Clinic (do they have WiFi...?)



  1. Sorry to hear that your family have been unwell, but good luck with the delivery! And congrats, too. :)

    1. Thank you so much! We are all starting to feel much better, and baby girl should be here any day now, so things are definitely looking up!